More than 175 charitable organizations throughout New England and beyond have sought our help for practical, solutions-oriented accounting and consulting support. Thanks to our years of hands-on experience, we understand how today’s world poses a complex mix of opportunities and concerns for nonprofit organizations and private foundations. Updated IRS reporting guidelines and tax laws, increased scrutiny of charitable organizations, never-ending fundraising cycles and the growing competition for each dollar – all of these increasingly challenge your time, attention and serenity.

So, we get it. Now more than ever, nonprofits and private foundations must manage budgets and operations with utmost efficiency and assure their boards and stakeholders that they are conducting business in a fiscally responsible manner.


Nonprofit clients appreciate our team-oriented, personal style and rely on our practical advice to help advance their mission. We have helped private and operating foundations, public charities, supporting organizations, social welfare entities and others in the nonprofit sector, from start-ups to multi-million- dollar, brand-name organizations. Our clients include:

  • Private foundations
  • Museums and arts institutions
  • Advocacy groups
  • Charities with international operations and “friends groups”


Our ability to solve your problems goes beyond our professional involvement and technical experience.   Many of us serve on charitable organization boards and committees, giving us first-hand knowledge and appreciation for the challenges you face. This deep, personal experience allows us to assess your priorities and develop tailored strategies to help you run your organization better and make your life easier.

To learn more about how we can help, contact David McKay at 617-227-6161.