Human Resources
Physician practices often rely on us to advise them on a range of human resource (HR) issues and functions. In some instances, clients call upon us to fully manage day-to-day HR responsibilities. No matter what your HR needs may be, our Healthcare Team is ready to assist.

Our services include:

  • Manage employee benefits and oversee vendor selection
  • Analyze staffing against benchmarks
  • Maintain personnel files and databases
  • Process insurance and other claims
  • Provide reporting (management, state, turnover etc.)
  • Handle legal and compliance oversight
  • Manage OSHA, HIPAA, CMS, WISP and other compliance issues
  • Assist with hiring and terminations
  • Advise on resolving difficult employee and partner issues

Provider Recruitment
Recruiting physicians and administrative staff can be time-consuming and challenging. We can assist your staff or conduct the actual search for you, depending in your needs.

We can:

  • Receive and screen candidates’ CVs and applications based on specified criteria
  • Develop recruiting advertisements
  • Help candidates complete their application packages
  • Schedule interviews and make travel arrangements
  • Coordinate recruiting with billing and scheduling

Incentive Compensation
We help physician practices structure incentive compensation programs that:

  • Achieve specific goals, including patient care standards, financial performance, risk management and contract retention
  • Motivate specific behaviors to achieve performance improvements
  • Reward improved individual and practice performance
  • Align group goals with hospital/ACO etc.

Managed Care Oversight
Evaluating managed care contracts and profitability is critical to the health of your practice. We can help:

  • Analyze payor performance
  • Implement and oversee managed care strategies
  • Negotiate managed care contracts
  • Monitor patient satisfaction

Practice Operations Support
Running a practice is increasingly complex. Even when fully staffed, your administrative personnel may need ongoing or project-based support. We help:

  • Oversee chart capture process
  • Review staff alternatives
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis
  • Monitor practice operational efficiency
  • Research and resolve patient complaints
  • Provide project support for management team

Exception Management
Exceptions happen. It is important to identify the impact and potential risk to the practice. We help your staff quickly and easily identify and resolve the exceptions. We also help minimize risk associated with operations, cash flow, legal, and reputation, ensure regulatory and statutory compliance and drive down costs.

Billing and Coding Oversight
Proper and efficient billing and coding is vital to the financial health of your practice. We help:

  • Negotiate contracts with prospective billing company
  • Assist with selection of a collection agency
  • Oversee terms of all managed care contracts
  • Benchmark all aspects of billing vendor performance
  • Coordinate and analyze coding audits on a periodic basis
  • Review appropriateness of patient refunds and abandoned property analysis
  • Conduct periodic site visits

Ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations is an increasingly challenging task. We can:

  • Serve as your Corporate Compliance Officer
  • Assist with written policies and procedures
  • Provide training and education for employees

To learn more about how we can help, contact Jonathan Gorski at 617-227-6161.