We successfully guide privately held businesses through all phases of the business lifecycle – from startup, through growth and, ultimately, into their mature phase. As businesses grow, so do the complexities of managing and meeting their tax obligations.

We know that sound tax planning can help minimize your tax liability, so, we offer advice throughout the year to help ensure you achieve your goals. You receive thorough analysis and a range of alternatives to facilitate sound decision-making.

We help businesses:


  • Select an appropriate entity structure
  • Prepare federal, state and local and international tax filings (tax compliance)
  • Plan tax strategies to minimize tax liability and achieve goals
  • Determine where you are required to file state, local and international tax returns
  • Determine the impact of taxes on transactions, mergers, buy-outs etc.
  • Represent before IRS and state and local tax agencies

Our team approach, focus on personal and business goals and breadth of experience in audit, accounting and tax adds up to peace of mind and the confidence to achieve your goals. This is true whether you conduct business internationally, run a local business or have non-US citizens on your payroll.

To learn more about how we can help, contact Scott Kaplowitch or Mike Antonelli at 617-227-6161.