Having an accurate estimate of the value of your business or shares in a company is critical to strategic planning and decision-making. Edelstein advisors help business owners and their advisors determine the value of their business as required in a wide range of business situations. Each situation and each valuation is unique, based on a comprehensive analysis that is both qualitative and quantitative, including factors such as historical financial performance, market conditions and the type of property. You may need a business valuation to:

  • Assist with gift and estate taxation
  • Establish a buy-sell agreement
  • Determine charitable contributions
  • Create an employee stock ownership plan
  • Litigating shareholder disputes, wrongful termination, marital dissolution, breach of contract and personal injury
  • Pursue insurance claims
  • Create an estate and business succession plan
  • Determine lost profits
  • Determine ad valorem taxes

Our Business Valuation Team supports business owners and their advisors with comprehensive, rock solid analysis that substantiates their position and helps achieve their goals.

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