Jesse works with attorneys, shareholders, executive teams and other stakeholders through complex financial problems and disputes.  From war room to board room, Jesse serves clients in a variety of contexts including:

Business Valuations for:

  • Civil Litigation, Arbitration & Disputes
  • Divorce / Family Law
  • Corporate Valuations for Profits Interests and Incentive Units
  • Business / Project Financing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Shareholder, Member or Partner Buyouts
  • Management Planning
  • Executive Compensation
  • ESOP Plans
  • Gift & Estate
  • Joint or Neutral Appraiser

Other Litigation Support & Dispute Services:

  • Lost Profits and Lost Business Value
  • Analysis of Financial Damages
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Post-Acquisition Disputes
  • Deposition, Trial, Mediation, and Arbitration Preparations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Joint or Neutral Expert

Consulting Projects:

  • Transaction Support / Due Diligence
  • Business Planning & Financial Modeling

In addition to his primary client serving responsibilities, Jesse is involved in the day-to-day management of the valuation, forensic and litigation support department; business development; recruiting and hiring; and strategic planning.  Jesse has written several articles, presented to business groups, as well as trained attorneys and coworkers on various business valuation and financial related topics.


Bachelor of Science, University of Rhode Island, College of Business Administration

Professional Affiliations

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

Community Service

Board of Trustees, Providence Chamber of Commerce



Prior to joining Edelstein & Company, Jesse was a consultant at a boutique business advisory and forensic accounting firm in Boston.  Prior to that, Jesse began his career in the Providence office of a big four public accounting firm in its audit practice.



While he has a much wider range of industry and sector experiences, Jesse is actively building specialties in the following categories:

Food & Beverage – Jesse’s love of this category spans beyond daily consumption, with a growing list of breweries, bakeries, restaurants, bars, liquor stores, industry suppliers, and other operations served professionally in the food and beverage category.  His experiences include forensic and valuation assistance in shareholder disputes and family law matters, to consulting and valuation for business planning, transfers, and other commercial purposes.

Asset Management – alternative asset managers, mutual fund managers, investment advisors, and real estate management/investor hybrids are among the growing list of company types in this specialty.  Jesse performs a mix of litigation related work as well as recurring annual corporate valuation work in this area.

Professional Service Firms –valuation of accounting firms, law firms, ad agencies, investment banks, and many other professional firms is another area in which Jesse serves a steady flow of projects.  This work includes a mix of not only hourly billing firms, but also contingency and success-fee driven players.  The question of business goodwill versus professional goodwill in this context can be met with much scrutiny, requiring a highly skilled and articulate practitioner to deliver credible opinions.

Manufacturing / Industrial – as the oldest focus category on his resume, Jesse has been serving manufacturing and industrial companies since his early audit years, inclusive of significant cross-border teaming experience. In more recent years, Jesse’s experiences in this space have included valuation advisory, transition planning, and post-acquisition dispute work.



  • Jesse served a management team in a membership buyout of a former executive of an asset management firm.  This project included both an adversarial appraisal process – taking on a significant player in the valuation and forensic industry – as well as the subsequent search and interviewing of a third neutral appraiser.  Jesse armed the clients and legal counsel with information to properly navigate and arrive at an acceptable settlement value at a present valuation close to that of his own opinion.  Jesse’s clients also received a formal letter of apology from the opposing expert for the calamity of issues uncovered in the appraisal of the much larger, more reputable firm.
  • Two healthcare entities disaffiliated, leaving a dispute over millions of dollars owed for historical financial support, as well as critical business planning and financial modeling needs for a then struggling, standalone entity (Jesse’s client).  Through interviews with the adverse party’s personnel, examination of accounting records, and intelligent analytical observations, Jesse helped to uncover approximately $5 million in accounting errors, and suggested millions of dollars in additional adjustments to the amounts owed.
  • One of Jesse’s clients had licensed certain industrial processes to an overseas venture multiple decades ago. The parties ultimately disagreed on license fees owed, which, depending on methodologies employed, could have been measured in excess of $75 million.  At the time, Jesse’s firm was engaged to measure damages and provide expert testimony at arbitration. In collaboration with other team members, Jesse built the flexible financial models to measure the range of damages, helped to present those models to the client’s attorneys, and provided substantial efforts in drafting the related expert report.  Jesse understands that the matter settled favorably for his clients.
  • Shareholders of a local, century-old, and family-owned food-processing company entered into a dispute several years ago. More recently, the parties agreed to a buyout of the non-management ownership, and settlement of certain claims at arbitration.  Jesse owned the valuation model, collaborated with other team members in writing the valuation report, and accumulated a wealth of rebuttal points regarding the opposing expert’s valuation. Jesse and his teammates’ work product was very well received by the clients and their attorneys.
  • The acquisition of a middle-market healthcare solutions company resulted in a post-acquisition dispute. Jesse’s client, the buyer, sought to recover amounts related to misstated working capital balances and additional amounts derived from an earnings-based purchased price mechanism.  Jesse and his team crafted accounting, contractual, and other arguments for submission to an arbitration panel, and aided the client’s attorneys in hearing preparation.  Jesse understands that the matter settled in excess of $10 million for his client.