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Marc Bello & Jesse Gillett to be Faculty at MCLE Program

On Tuesday, June 28, Business Valuation & Forensic Accounting Partners, Marc Bello and Jesse Gillett, will be the faculty for the MCLE program, ‘Business Valuation for Attorneys’. Business valuations can assist attorneys with gift and estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, civil litigation, and family law practice. These valuations are valuable for attorneys because they can advise clients in each of these areas and they need core fluency in valuation to provide sound counsel.

The agenda for this program include:

  • Understanding the Engagement Including Standard of Value and Valuation Date,
  • Financial Analysis and Fact Gathering,
  • Valuation Approaches,
  • Importance of the Valuation Date, and
  • Tips to Critique a Business Valuation.

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