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Marc Bello and Jason Pierce to present at MCLE’s Family Law Financial Forensics Conference

 On Wednesday, May 30th, Business Valuation Partner, Marc Bello, and Principal, Jason Pierce, will present at MCLE’s Family Law Financial Forensics Conference. Bello is also Chair of the conference. This program will address a key financial issue in a pending divorce; not just how much income is available for support, but what is the need of the recipient. The conference will discuss the needs-based analysis and promises to explain key points decided in the 2017 Supreme Judicial Court decision Young v. Young. Marc, Jason and the other panel of experts will provide a guiding light through this type of analysis and required discovery.

The agenda includes:

  • Tax Reform and Family Law,
  • Legal Panel Point & Counter Point perspectives in support,
  • Current Case law development,
  • Needs based analysis,
  • Ability to pay analysis,
  • Discovery issues in validating income,
  • Preparing financial statements – expenses for non-income producing spouse v. expenses on income producing/business owner spouse,
  • Discovering hidden assets,
  • Interplay of business valuation and forensic accounting,
  • Issues relating to imputed income (what income is available for support),
  • What happens when alimony is non-deductible,
  • Interplay between child support and alimony, and
  • An “Ask the Experts” Q&A Session.

For more information and to register, visit here.

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