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photo Train Your Head To Think Fast On Your Feet

On October 22, 2015, the accounting and auditing department hosted a variety of clients at Laugh Boston.  Attendees were led by Improv Asylum and Laugh Boston co-founders Chet Harding and Norm Laviolette in a communication soft-skill training.  The interactive presentation provided skills to help with leading and succeeding.  Participants learned how the tools and techniques of improv can immediately help you communicate and listen more effectively, work together as a team, build off the ideas of others, and create a more innovative you by experiencing the power of “Yes and No.”  Everyone was actively involved and learned some new takeaways to bring back to their businesses.


Tax Timely Topic Breakfast







On November 19, 2015, four Edelstein team members presented a tax timely topic update to an audience of clients and business contacts.  Scott Kaplowitch discussed equity compensation, Glenn Gates provided an International Tax update, Kate Rooney reviewed the Affordable Care Act, and Mike Antonelli shared a key extenders overview.  The breakfast was moderated by tax manager Emily Matthews.  Attendees had the opportunity to hear from and network with our thought leaders, as well as each other.  We look forward to the next tax timely topic event to bring the latest information to our clients and contacts.



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